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Club History:

The Allis Chalmers Club of Ontario was formed in the fall of 1995 at a meeting at DeBoers Farm Equipment in Alma. Since then meetings have been split between Shantz Farm Equipment, Alma and the Country Heritage Park, Milton, where the Club helps look after the Allis Chalmers collection and also does some ground work. Members of the Executive have been spread over the area from Cookstown to Uxbridge to London and north to Tara. Over the years our feature shows have been in Cookstown, Milton, Paisley, Clifford, Paris, Ilderton, Brigdon, Essex, Caledonia, Bracebridge, Ridgetown and Sherkston.

We have exhibited at the Canadian International Farm Show in Toronto for ten years, meeting with many members and friends from Canada and USA. Some members have traveled to some of the "AC Gathering of the Orange" shows in USA and Canada. Special events have included picnics, fun days and tractor caravans to some of the shows the last few years.

The club is for those interested in collecting Allis Chalmers Tractors and farm equipment, lawn and garden equipment, and literature and also for dealers and former dealers who would be interested in promoting the former Allis Chalmers Company.

The Club will help as much as possible in promoting any group featuring Allis Chalmers, whether it participates as a Club or not, and urges any Club members to support the events of local clubs in their area.



2019 Executive


President: Curtis Marshall ( 519-833-9740)

Vice President: Chuck Warden (848-3079)

Past President: Brad McBride (519-263-3227)



2019 Directors

Ray Smith ( 519-461-1974)

Wayne McBride ( 519-263-2687)

Kirk Forster (519-878-7909)

Howard Ackroyd (905-880=1288)

Jerry Milman ( 519-633-2065)

Larry Zehr (519-741-0360)



Secretary: Brad McBride ( 519-263-3227) (

Treasurer: Bill Brooks (519-853-0880)

Membership: Leah Brooks ( (519-853-0880)

Webmaster: Trina McBride (519-263-3227) (

Newsletter Editor: Curtis Marshall (519-833-9740) (

Newsletter Committee

Leah Brooks ( (519-853-0880)

Calvin Schmidt ( (519-656-2761)

Marlin Herriot ( 519-323-2594)


Club Toll Free Number

1-844-GO-ALLIS ( 1-844-462-5547)

Recorded information on upcoming meetings and events, executive contacts and answering machine.

Hotline for cancelled events due to the Weather